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“Goin’ to the Chapel and we’re gonna get married”…

Exactly one month ago tomorrow, my family attended the wedding of my cousin Tommy to the love of his life, Lisa; an all around great girl who I had already made a habit of calling my “cousin” for quite some time, so now that they’ve actually made it official I can continue to introduce her to others as my cousin and actually be telling the truth (yay!).

 Tommy and Lisa are just two peas in a pod. They literally are the same person, but not. They’ve got the same “swagger”, if that makes sense.  If I tell a story to Lisa and then tell the story to Tommy completely separate from one another, I’d bet a million dollars (that I don’t have) that their responses, facial expressions, and mannerisms would be EXACTLY the same!
The ceremony was at our local church and the reception was at The Century House in Latham, NY. The entire thing was beautiful from start to finish. The bride was gorgeous and the groom looked happier than ever!! My cousin Alphonso gave a really nice speech as the Best Man, in which he thanked the people who are unfortunately no longer here for looking over us, particularly on such a special day, which made us all cry more than our eyeliner and mascara were prepared for :-). Our Canadian cousins made the trip to the States and my cousin Rose, the Georgia Peach, flew in from Atlanta and we were able to spend some much-needed time with family after the ceremony, just reminiscing while eating my Aunt Sandy’s wonderful cooking and washing it down with some equally wonderful vino (CHEERS!).
Now, amidst all the happiness that comes along with a wedding, I’d be lying if I said that while we were in church I wasn’t wondering if that pretty girl in the white dress would ever be me (eeeek!). I certainly didn’t have time to wonder this at the reception though; Lisa’s brother did a pretty good job of keeping me on the dance floor the entire night! In church, however,  I was reminded of my favorite girly movie….Father of the Bride!
This is actually an odd choice of movies for me, because despite being a girly girl, my taste in movies is pretty broad. I hate scary movies because most of the time they’re too bloody but at the same time I love Fight Club and Man on Fire, which are rougher around the edges; comedies are good but I rarely like Slap-stick ones; I have a weird obsession with movies like A Bronx Tale and Scarface; I’m a sucker for the classics like Pretty Woman and Top Gun, but I’m not a hopeless romantic when it comes to those movies that ALL girls seem to like. For example, I ABSOLUTELY strongly without a doubt dislike Gone With The Wind! Can’t. Stand. It. Scarlett is by far the most annoying character ever and Rett’s famous line “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” isn’t nearly as “frank” as it should have been! (Just sayin’!)
After all that, I ADORE Father of the Bride! If I’m visiting with my mom and it happens to be on TV we have to stop what we’re doing or planning so I can watch it, and then of course they’ll play Part II so I’m completely glued to the TV for about 5 hours by the time we count commercials
But, all things considered, it’s a weird movie for me to like. Of course, I think about getting married but I’d be lying if I said I’ve ALWAYS thought about it like most women say they’ve dreamt of it since they were little. I don’t have a Dad to give me away so the whole Father-Daughter dance hoopla and Dad giving away the bride doesn’t apply. I have no clue what crazy man would be waiting for me at the end of the aisle because I think I’m hard to love. Seriously! My girlfriends at work laugh when I tell them this but at this point I’d rescue my dog from a burning building before anyone else so it’s a risk for anyone to get invested in me (kinda joking…kinda not!) Not to mention, I’m such a clumsy person that certain wedding traditions like the whole unity candle or the sand pouring (or even if I got adventurous and jumped the broom) would just be hazardous!  I’d most likely mess it up and make it look really foolish. What else? I know there’s more! Oh yes… I could cry at an episode of Scooby Doo so getting through the service and vows and all that without crying like a blubbering baby is so not going to happen. Finally, at the end of the day a wedding is a big giant party. A mandatory reason to get everyone, from  near and far together, under one roof or tent perhaps, and get down! My family is Italian so we eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow and a wedding, like any other party, is no exception.  There must absolutely be cookies and pastries at the reception, wine on the table, you must dance the Tarantella and serve enough food to feed two armies or you will be talked about for years to come (Just sayin’).  ALL of that is why the idea of a wedding gives me agiada!
Phew… I’m stressed now that I put it all in one paragraph. (Note to self, ELOPE!) Don’t get me wrong, I’d have a blast picking out colors and dresses and thinking up the little details but showtime would give me a fright! lol
So, in light of all my pre-wedding woes but in response to my realization of how sweet it is to actually be part of a wedding once all of  the planning is completed,  I’ve made a resolution. If by 30 (in 5 years, OMG) I am not hitched, I will find a male friend who is also not hitched, and we will simply throw the party WITHOUT the wedding. I’ll get a dress and he can rent a suit…it’ll be like PROM all over again, except I’ll wear white and my date will be tall (Please dear god let him be tall!). We can even do a BYOB type thing to save money. Family from out-of-town will get together once more, we’ll eat and drink and take fun photos in that Time Capsule thingy with family and friends, and there will be tons of dancing!
Ohhhhhh  who am I kidding? For now, I think I’ll stick with loving the picture-perfect movie and loving other peoples’ weddings! Yes, yes, yes, all eyes on them and no pressure on me. Perfect!  

Congratulations to Tommy & Lisa (10/29/11) and Best of Luck to “All the Single Ladies”