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Originals…Simply the Best!

   About a week ago, my Mom and I had free movie tickets so we decided to check out the movie FOOTLOOSE (I know, I Know). I couldn’t really resist though. I LOVE going to the movies and just like anybody else who saw the 1984 classic with Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer (FAME!), I LOVED Footloose! This will come as no surprise to my friend “Paula G” (Not to be confused with “Pauly D”) who, when sitting next to me in the office as Kenny Loggins’  “Footloose” comes on, looks over at me and starts singing along telling me she could “…totally see me jamming out to this!” Hmmmm am I really that transparent? Two minutes before I was singing along to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Train. Apparently my musical taste is all over the map! If you’re not dancing in your car or your office chair when this song comes on the radio, you simply aren’t alive. It’s impossible I tell ya! Well, my friend is right! (Just don’t go letting her rub it in, eh?). I prefer to snap my fingers and bob my pony-tailed head from side to side while singing along to this song (completely off-key, I admit). 

   Anyhoo, back on topic. The movie wasn’t terrible, but there really wasn’t any need for it either. Aside from a few changes in the music (David Banner in the first 10 minutes, really Hollywood!?) it was deja vu, but with different faces and a story line that isn’t nearly as envelope-pushing or believable in 2011 as it was in the mid 80’s. Also, despite the lead characters being great choreographers and awesome entertainers (Julianne Hough is a DWTS pro turned country singer and Kenny Wormald is an experienced dancer who’s appeared in numerous hip-hop and pop music videos) there wasn’t anymore dancing in this film than there was in the original. (Bummer!) The one exception was Miles Teller, who plays Ren’s friend, Willard. Although he can’t replace Chris Penn (RIP), this dude was absolutely hysterical and critics are calling him “…the next John Cusack” he’s just that likeable!  

I think Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast said it best; “If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!” So, needless to say, after feeling just “so-so” about the remake, I decided to rent and watch not ONCE but TWICE, Footloose, the Original! Just to sort of get back in the right frame of mind. I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d compile a little “Ode to Footloose.” The Original. The Best!

Ren teaching Willard some moves. This movie SCREAMS 80’s….you gotta love it  🙂

Did you know?…

At the time they wrapped up the movie Kenny Loggins hadn’t yet finished the professional recording of his hit song, FOOTLOOSE, so while we see the cast dancing around to it in the final scene, they’re actually dancing to a Chuck Berry song!!! Loggins’ hit was added in later on, after the final scene was filmed! Cool, huh?

How about you? Can you think of any other movies that have been remade but can’t quite compete with the Original?