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Welcome! Benvenuto!

   I have always LOVED to write! But I struggled with the idea of creating a blog, mainly because I think it’s easy for it to be utilized as a personal soapbox and an avenue for tooting one’s own horn (yuck!). I mean, typing isn’t exactly like holding a conversation face to face, one on one, mano y mano. I’ve read some interesting things online in a tone that I would most likely never hear with my own ears when people are face to face with one another. And isn’t it inherently a bit presumptuous to think people would want to read anything I have to say and maybe even offer comments or connect personally with me about something I’ve thought or experienced and then typed up for the world to see?  Hmmm….Who am I? Ya know? Not to mention I certainly don’t consider myself a professional on any one topic or craft over another by any means, so I wouldn’t want to create a blog that claims to instruct people on the various “How To”s that are all the rage these days (How to…lose weight fast, start a small business, cure a hangover, eliminate debt, or LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS). But then I thought, hey, maybe I could LEARN a thing or two from this process. Maybe by opening up and spilling some of my dirty laundry (just some!!) I’ll find that someone out there is thinking or feeling the same way I am right now…looking to switch it up a bit and try something new…escape the mundane and just go with the flow. Maybe someone else can relate to my need to find joy in the simple and sweet and finally embrace the life around me rather than fret on how my story isn’t exactly heading in the direction I had originally set out for. Just maybe….

So, why BLOG?

   BLOGGING just makes so much sense!  Keeping a journal of my thoughts, scribbling ideas onto paper over and over until the final draft is just right, or letting my imagination unfold in the form of a silly short story are all things I’ve always had a knack for. In high school if we were given the Essay question for the test in advance, to better prepare, I would spend hours crafting my best essay ever on that particular topic, and on test day I could reproduce it, word for word without missing a beat (Seriously!). As an Education major in college it didn’t take me long to realize my Lesson Plans were always 10 times as lengthy as everybody else’s (partly because I never know when to shut up) because that piece of paper was my opportunity to prove my creativity; to able to bring to life for the reader all the great things I knew I could do if given the chance to have my own classroom. Writing serves a purpose. It’s a chance to SHINE, to sell an IDEA, to PERSUADE an audience, to CONVINCE a critic, and to SOOTHE the soul.

Why ME & Why NOW?

   I’ve recently gotten brutally honest with myself in terms of how I’ve been feeling about where I am in my life at this very moment.  After a lot of thought and a couple of glasses of Moscato (okay, maybe more than a couple, but who’s counting?) it boils down to this: I have been living my life lately just sort of, going through the motions; as if who I am right now, where I live, what I do for work, the things that make me ME, are just TEMPORARY. I keep looking ahead for the next best thing, my big break so to speak, that dream job that makes my degree  and all that hard work worth it, or simply just that moment when it feels like things have finally fallen into place.  So there you have it. I said it (Phew!).

   Knowing all of this, however, I feel like now is the perfect time to give up on the notion that I must have taken a wrong turn on my very carefully, well planned, thought-out journey. My plan was obviously flawed. But it’s time to quit my bitchin’…to suck it up…to put on my big girl panties and stop agonizing over how I’m not where I was certain I wanted to be. Because perhaps life isn’t meant to be planned so meticulously and maybe caution is best when thrown to the wind. Okay, so I might not be where I was once originally convinced I should be by now (big deal!!)….but maybe If I allow myself to be open to it….I’ll find I’m right where I belong !

   My hope for this blog is that the experiences I gain from it motivate me to spend more time embracing whatever it is I’m doing at the moment…the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, to share my thoughts and offer up some ideas, but to learn and grow from comments offered by my readers!

  This is the fork in the road where I throw my map out the window…or these days, change the address programmed into my GPS to DESTINATION UNKNOWN!

  This blog is the chance share through writing a few of my favorite things; family, baking, music, DIY design projects  and fashion (on a budget of course!), reading books, travel, sightseeing, arts and crafts, volunteering, puppies, etc. The little things that seem to matter most…the things that make this La Dolce Vita, or The Sweet Life.

  I’d like to have a mix of seriousness and comedy, some light humor and witty posts but also some thought-provoking and inspirational ones too. I’m hoping that adding some food for thought or brainteasers at the end of posts will invite people to interact with one another. I have so many ideas already and I’m really quite excited! Oh, and please don’t be afraid…I hope to keep the posts short and sweet, not as lengthy as this one here, but I thought there were definitely some questions and background information that needed to be addressed right away in this first post!

   I want this blog to be all over the map. Not about just one thing or another. A nice mix of topics…the perfect cocktail for La Dolce Vita.

Please stay tuned & enjoy!


Charly Lynn