Blogging Hiatus: “And just where have YOU been Missy?”

               NOT BLOGGING! As you can see.  I have clearly been on a Leave of Absence from recording my thoughts and sharing them with all of you. I apparently checked out of my own advice of finding comfort in the sweet, little everyday things and judging from the lapse of time between my last post and this one…It looks like I’ve fallen victim to…mundane monotony (GASP!)

                I wish I had some fabulous story to tell in my defense of being such a poor blogger…like I was backpacking through Europe, winning the LOTTO,  teaching underprivileged children in nations overseas, embarking on a journey to become Mrs. Mark Wahlburg, or even joining the circus (I’ve always wanted to try the Trapeze!) but NO! Sadly, there is no excuse for my Blogging woes other than the fact that I have been in a FUNK. A what? A FUNK! Yes, I said it. Plain and Simple I have had a few BLAH days in a row and I let them get me down.

                What’s Blah got to do with it? Well, I just don’t feel right blogging when I’m not feeling like myself. When I’m out of touch I think my advice isn’t as worthy, my stories aren’t as witty, and my perspective is just not what it normally is when I’m mentally and spiritually on top of my game. I like the idea of a Blog that’s positive, upbeat, and optimistic but some days I just feel plain crappy. I’m sorry. So…if I feel blah, I don’t blog. C’mon…Blah blogging? No Bueno!! Haha My Mom doesn’t get this….she asked me what harm there was in my blogging when I’m in a tough spot or a bad mood. I assured her that some days, depending on how I’m feeling “…you do NOT want to read what I have to say!” lol (Kind of Joking-Kind of Not).

                But, then again Mom might be right (PLEASE don’t tell her I said so); we’re all entitled to some bad days and somedays the negativity just gets the best of us. I’m sure you have all felt the same at one time or another so I promise to blog even when I’m not feeling all that peachy. Maybe you’re having a rough couple of days or weeks or even months, and we can all commiserate together and swap stories.  Not to mention, a blog that’s all roses and ponies all the time isn’t very realistic anyway. When I feel like I have had bad luck on my tail, it’s comforting to know that someone else is feeling the same. We’re all stumbling through our first cup of coffee on Mondays, budgeting our butts off until the next payday, and worrying about our individual battles we carry with us while trucking right along!

I promise not to make a habit of it though…because nobody likes a crabby Patty, right? Right!

So please accept this semi-cynical apology for my absence and stay tuned. While I did not marry Marky Mark (Sad face) or join the circus or do anything overly fantastic for that matter, I do have a few goodies to share  in hopes of covering the time we’ve lost!



2 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus: “And just where have YOU been Missy?”

  1. This post reads as if you are prefacing future blog posts with intimate thoughts of your experiences (or Mark Wahlburg). My advice, if you can articulate your anger in a meaningful way (with curse words cleverly peppered into your post), you may convey something much more meaningful then the outer shell of the problem you have so described in your current post.

    • Kyriakos,
      Thanks for your comment. I agree! This post was definitely meant to serve as a little segway into further posts. I just thought it would be too awkward not to acknowledge the gap between posts. No anger really, just prioritizing and learning how to move this Blogging project further up on my list.
      Thanks again!

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